Competent security management ensures competitive advantage

Every year, companies lose more than EUR 8.2 billion (EU figures) through the theft of high-value and high-risk products and goods in transit. When goods are lost, the actual damage to the shipping economy is several times higher than the original value of the goods.

The threat emanating from organised criminals is constantly growing and increasingly violent. However, organised crime can only be stopped if shippers and the forwarding industry develop joint measures to combat theft and prevent loss.

Proactive security management improves security in the supply chain and provides a clear competitive advantage:

  • The aim of protection is to prevent undesired use, manipulation or removal of goods as far as possible, or at least to identify acts and perpetrators.
  • Core elements of the security concept are organisational, personnel and technical measures that guarantee a high degree of reliable protection in accordance with the cost-benefit principle.

These measures include amongst others:

  • Implementation of security processes
  • Awareness and training of employees
  • Object protection through security technology (e.g. camera systems)
  • Peripheral security and protection of the warehouse (e.g. access control)
  • Protection of particularly theft-prone and security endangered goods
  • Cybersecurity

RCS Security creates specific, detailed security concepts on request.

In addition, RCS Security offers you support on the following topics:

  • Advice on dangerous goods handling and dangerous goods training
  • Implementation and consulting of air cargo security programmes and air cargo security processes
  • Implementation, realisation and training of ISO standard 27001 and TISAX (ISMS)

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